Whether you are an entrepreneur with a bold new concept or an established business with a great product, your success depends upon making solid legal choices. Spectra Law provides your business a partner for life. Spectra Law will help you transform your business dream into reality, and assist you throughout the life of your business, from entity selection and formation, to contract negotiation and litigation, to business wind-down and creditor management.

Through comprehensive planning and decisive implementation, Spectra Law can help your business achieve the growth and profitability you want. Spectra Law's goal is to help you establish contracts and protocols that avoid business disputes. When conflicts occur, Spectra Law is here to help you reach resolution efficiently and cost-effectively, working to secure the best-possible outcome. Spectra Law strategically negotiates settlements that preserve your business relationships and aggressively advocates for your case at trial when litigation can produce better results.



A solid estate plan gives you the comfort of knowing your family will be cared for upon your death while also preserving your assets during your lifetime. Spectra Law has the experience necessary to develop estate plans for all kinds of families and individuals, determining which means are most effective for achieving your desired results.

Whether you need a will, revocable living trust, durable power of attorney, living will/health care directive, marital or domestic partnership agreement, or other types of property agreements, Spectra Law will work closely with you to tailor a set of documents that effectuate your goals.



Same-sex partners have hard-won all of the privileges, rights, and responsibilities of marriage, and Spectra Law has years of experience protecting same-sex individuals and families through creative estate planning tailored to your personal circumstances.



Maneuvering through complex Washington probate laws and IRS estate tax regulations can seem like a daunting task when you are mourning the loss of your loved one. The executor of the estate is often a grieving family member or friend, and may not be fully equipped to handle the complicated issues that can arise during probate and trust administration. Spectra Law is prepared to handle the entire probate process if you need full assistance during an emotionally exhausting time.

If you prefer, Spectra Law can work alongside you, taking over challenging tasks when needed.  In all cases, Spectra Law acts efficiently and purposefully to minimize costs to the estate.  When an executor or trustee fails to perform their vital duties, Spectra Law represents beneficiaries in trust and estate controversy, demanding that the decedent’s intentions be honored, and that you be treated with the justice and compassion the law mandates.



Your home is your castle, and Spectra Law is your moat. Whether buying, selling, or renting real estate, Spectra Law can help ease one of the biggest transactions you’re likely to make. Let Spectra Law work with your broker, escrow agent, and lender to ease the buying or selling process. If doing a FSBO, Spectra Law can help you create a rock-solid purchase and sale agreement, and help walk you through the inspection, appraisal, underwriting, and closing process.

When renting your home, or renting space for your home or business, Spectra Law can assist with both residential and commercial lease drafting and review, and better understanding your rights and responsibilities as a landlord or tenant.